Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instagram Crazy!

Well, social media is a happening thing these days-- I am sure my children don't even remember what life was like without it!  I sure am old enough to remember life without Facebook and without Cellphones.... Yes, I admit it....
BUT I do confess that now a days I am very INTO one of the social medias--- INSTAGRAM!  I love the community of photographers and to see everyones life in the day to day.  There's challenges, and there are tags that keep everyone interested - and I love to see the gorgeous photos posted there everyday!  In honor of my obsession-- here's my little collage with a few from today.
There is also the fun creativity on Instagram with color filters and the wonderful Instas by Rhonna Farrer... They add so much fun to any photo and I love playing with them to add my captions etc...
I added an Instagram feed here on my blog- so it keeps up to date on what I have posted!
Join in on the fun if you have time-- check it out!!!