Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am Back!

Wow- some weeks just fly by!  Like this last one!! I had posted those cute Valentine pix back on the 17th,and now-- it's 11 days later!!  NOT sure what happened to all those days!
Actually--- I do know where some of it went!
I got to travel to Phoenix for an awesome weekend of fun!  I am lucky enough to have 2 friends living there, so I love it when I can travel to get some Girl Time!

OUR "ART DAY" hostess!
Sunday, we girls made canvases and had a ball painting and crafting!
this was our afternoon CAFFEINE stop... WE called it High Octane...This cute coffee shop was once a gas station--
WE did need some High Octane!

Debbie and her BEST in Show trophy!!  We did some awesome
Salvage Shopping!!  It was a blast

one of the many cool vintage places to shop
One of the other fantastic things I got to do was attend a photography workshop with the AMAZING Allison Tyler JONES!  I have known about her work for at least 15 years++ and have also gotten to have her photograph my family!  She is just THE BEST and everyone who has had a session with her will tell you how much fun they had... Our kids still remember it!
She can capture "reality and Personality" at it's finest..
So- when I heard she was hosting a workshop on the very weekend I would be there- I knew I needed to be in it!
Everything was detailed to a "TEE" and very very cool!! 

Yes, this was our amazing class space-- it is a design studio owned by her sister- the decorator.. It was beautiful and such a perfect classroom! 
This was a favorite with Allison in the background working her magic!  We had adorable models to photograph! 

look at this gorgeous place!

It was such an awesome weekend full of "All my Favorite things".
I feel totally Blessed!