Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day is one of my Favorites!

Valentine's day is always a fun and wonderful holiday for me!  I am a TRUE Valentine!  MY maiden name is Valentine- so the family Always celebrated this fun holiday!  We still do now that I am a Nederhoff = and I love making the cute Cards and gifts to give to neighbors and friends!
I had a great Photoshoot idea- and it involved my mailbox, so I called on a friend who has the most adorable little kids!  These two are super photogenic, so If I come up with a cute Idea- I always need them to be my models!  (thanks Tiffany and Mark!)
Miss Bella LOVED her lollipop!  I loved her sticky face!!! 

Mr. Noah was so cute mailing his letters! 
The photoshoot was so much fun- and what adorable little Valentines we had for models!
Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day-
LOVE is in the Air!!!