Monday, March 4, 2013

Birthday Girls

Brookie is thinking it over
 I just realized I had not shared the Birthday Girls pictures last month!!  Both our Doodles had their Birthdays and we love to celebrate here-- even if it means dog treats!!  Brooklyn turned SIX and her birthday included a trip to 3DogBakery!!  She is so cute picking out her treats and I am always laughing about the CUTEST treats they sell!
The adorable Peanut "Mutter" cups and "Pupcakes".  

Here's the GRASS ice cream

She is absolutely darling-- and so sweet

Pansy (right side) looks like she is having more fun than Brooklyn
That little party was just funny!!  It took Randy, Jensen and I to capture this!  We love trying these kinds of pictures!
Later on in FEB, Piper had her 3rd Birthday!  She got to eat some Pupcakes too- and she also had a trip to Doggie Daycare- for a playday!  I think she had fun too!!!
She is waiting!!!! Patience please

She is really going to get to eat it soon!!!