Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ground Breaking News!!

 This just IN.... WE finally have "Ground Breaking News" happening in Iowa!  The new home we are building for my parents has begun!! Randy and I got to see the  basement being dug last week when we arrived.. God's timing is amazing!  (even though I would have loved it to be alot earlier!)
We are able to see them get the forms up for pouring the basement walls before we returned home.. The short visit there was very productive- as we even started some packing and purging...
50 years in the same house is a long time and lots of closets to clean but we are so excited for them to be in a handicapped accessible home that will make things lots easier for mom and dad!! Stay tuned as we continue to document this and MOVE!!
We arrived and went straight to the lot to shoot our pix of an empty lot.. The flags were there all ready to start to dig.

Today is the BIG day-- Groundbreaking ceremony included praying over this special time...

forms for the basement walls

Feeling very blessed to have been able to go back to Iowa, but now....
Our first day back home was Jensen's track meet
She's zooming right along!!! 

Jensen has done a great job in track

Excuse me, Please, Ladies first!!!!  

Yesterday was Jensen's 14th birthday and since she had a track meet, we only got to take her out for dinner, but stay tuned for more breaking news on the BIG birthday Party... The prep is happening today getting ready for an 
ARTIST celebration tomorrow!