Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break Fun!

Been gone from blogging for a little while due to a little spring break trip!  We had some crafty days at home right after Easter, but and the end of last week, Jensen was still on Spring break, so we took a little trip to San Antonio Texas!  I was a crazy picture taking fool!  So I gotta share some of them and over the next few days I'll be adding some more (when I get thru all of them)!!

Today, I want to share some of our first day - it was at the Riverwalk.. Absolutely gorgeous- not too hot, not too cold day!  The foliage and the nature around the area is gorgeous!
Loving the PINK flowers

the Architecture is wonderful

totally Texas

Wonderful Stage on the River

It was a perfect day to tour

Daddy and daughter 

Very pretty flowers everywhere
Reminds me of the great State of Texas

The Ladies of Casa Luna and little sister
Church at Beltway with Jocelyn and her housemates
Dad had to try out Jocelyn's piano!  It's a gorgeous old red piano at the house...
We took a little roadtrip after a couple days in San Antonio to head over to Abilene and visit Jocelyn and her housemates at college... Jocelyn graduates in 1 month so our days of traveling to see them are coming to an end... We have been so blessed to have her at ACU and the Phenomenal girls she lives with!  It was a great time to worship with her at her church and take the girls out to lunch!  Check back in a day or so and maybe I will have another installment of the trip here on the blog!
Big Sister's CASA in Texas