Thursday, May 16, 2013

A FEW More from the CASA LUNA

Graduation weekend was so fun- and my last post was mostly about the ceremony!  But we had lots of fun also at the Casa Luna- the little adorable house that Jocelyn lived in her Junior and Senior year with her 4 girlfriends!  This house was a huge blessing- the cutest place with 5 bedrooms/2baths.  The girls had it decorated sooo cute and it was right across the street from Campus... It was absolutely perfect!
Today I wanted to share a few more pix from the house.
Thanks to the Casa Moms we had quite a delicious Party! 

I loved this pic of my kids and their Aunt Rhonda

The friends and family enjoyed sitting around the girls cute living room

In the Kitchen- the girls each had their own chalkboard to leave messages and notes to each other

Who wouldn't love a little Brick house with all those pretty vines climbing?? It was absolutely adorable

These MOMS did a ton to make the party a success!