Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Whale of a Tale!!

Installment #2 of our Seattle Trip -- once again I have tons of photos, so enjoy the Many I chose to share..
We went on a Whale watching adventure and it was absolutely amazing!  We drove to the Port city about an hour and a half from Seattle and then took the Ferry across to Friday Harbor -- in the San Juans..
birds that were nesting in the ferry boarding area

Getting off the ferry in Friday Harbor -- tons of people and 150 cars

Beautiful day in Friday Harbor

This was a sailboat we saw from our boat

Guess who is out there???  A humpback Whale!!  They usually see Orcas, so a Humpback was a special treat

I love it that the water looks like glass

Here's Mr. Humpback putting on a show for the passing ferry

look how close to the sailboat he was

love it!! 
It was a wonderful sailing day and I shot soooo many pics of the big guy!!  More in a few days about the rest of the Trip!!  Thanks for sailing with us!!