Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blessings were Flowing!!

We were so blessed this weekend by a LOVELY and amazing Bridal Shower given by a dear friend for our Daughter .  Jocelyn is getting married in August, so stay tuned for lots more photos of the festivities!  I did not shoot all 100% great photos but let me tell you, the shower was just amazing!  Great food, wonderful friends and blessings all around!  Michelle, our hostess had the most adorable dress and pennant banners which made the whole event so festive!

Wishing I had done a better photo of this

These cookies are not only gorgeous, but delicious too!  

Here I am with my 2 daughters and our Hostess Michelle

Had to add in the Maid of Honor, Kendyl (on the right)

Jocelyn's Mother-in-law and sis-in-law to be, and another dear friend added to the group

The cutest Barbie cake! 
Jocelyn was so blessed to have so many people wishing her well and helping start her new life as a wife!  We all had such an awesome time!