Monday, June 3, 2013

Just One More .... Seattle

Fantastic color in Friday Harbor 

Like I said, I took too many photos to share all in one post, so today I am finishing up my trip to Seattle.. I love these last photos and again- lots of them so this is a LONG post!! 
After the whale watch- we ate and then got back on our ferry..  Bye Friday Harbor

It was the most awesome day - ended up gorgeous and sunny
Sailing away from Friday Harbor
 The Ferry was headed to Anacortes - the port town we boarded on. It is a beauty of a little town!
Too bad this little Antique store wasn't open or I'd have shipped some of those rusty gates home to my house!

Main street stores-- wonderful 

I love the nautical antiques!!!  
hello cuteness

The BARNS ....  all over the place on our drive back to Seattle

Drove into a little greenhouse that was closed-- look at all the colors!

more of the greenhouse grounds -- precious

And then --- we ran across a field of these gorgeous flowers

The sun was in the perfect spot

A huge field of these---wow

love the shape and size of these things....

Another lovely shabby barn!