Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back 2 Reality!

Sandal weather is my very favorite time of year
 Today I am catching up on my lack of blogging for the last 10 days!  We just returned from our Heavenly trip to Hawaii and I have a boatload of photos to sort thru!  I will post a little more about our Iowa trip today and soon a few stories from Paradise!  These photos are from our Bridal shower trip to Iowa and I got a rare chance to do a little photoshoot with Grandparents and the Girlies.

visiting an old playground in my hometown

Where did the time go?? Jocelyn will be a Bride  in 2 weeks!! 
Here they are with Grandma Verone in her front yard

The Valentine grandparents 
 We really enjoyed our visit back to Iowa and seeing all the family!!
Grandma Eileen did a great Bridal Shower for the BRIDE