Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bye Bye August!

It's hard to believe, but August is over!  This particular August was very eventful with our daughter's wedding plus school started for my youngest, and our son went back to college.   It was a very fun month- and never a dull moment! I am thinking September is going to be much more calm, relaxed and filled with lots of creativity!   We were gone last weekend to take Ross, our son, back to college in San Diego.  It was like a mini vacation for my husband and I.  I was so lucky to get to sight see and we enjoyed touring a bit along with moving him into his dorm!  Ross goes to college "on the Beach" at Point Loma and what a fantastic place!
We spent our first evening in Seaport Village enjoying the sunset!  I love when I can get Ross to take some photos- he has ton's of talent and can make his old mom look snazzy! 


We love this skyline shot! 

This was taken from Ross' dorm room window!  I'd say he scored a wonderful room!

We enjoyed spending an afternoon along the boardwalk and people watching at Belmont Park

These guys fascinate me! 

In love with Balboa Parks' architecture

We handed Ross the camera again! 

Balboa Beautiful! 

Our college kid loves San Diego

I love these boys!

Majestic and glorious - God painted the sky! 

Like I said: they fascinate me!