Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Details

Today I want to share some details from the Wedding... I am having to resort to the ones from my iPhone, since I left my big girl camera at home..  I wanted to share some of the Details we used for the "Book Theme" wedding.  Since the Bride and Groom love to read- they thought an antique book theme would be a lot of fun.. I loved it!!! 
This was the photo included in the invitations -- carrying out the book theme
Photos by Latishalyn Photography and Heidi Tebrink

We used antique dressers for the favors which were coffee and tea pods since this couple likes coffee with their books! 

Antique books tied with Lace and a rusty key were part of the table decor
The florist did an amazing job!!  These items were getting all set up when I took these.
I collect vintage Silver teapots and vases- so we used them for all the flowers

This door was family photos from both sides of grandparents and parents wedding photos.  The backdrop was an awesome shabby door

Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to recreate this little saying and put it on a canvas.

Flash forward to the day of the wedding.. These bridesmaids had a sleepover and they all wore their monogramed tees to the Hairdresser on the wedding day.  Thanks Carly for this photo

The lovely ladies all ready to head to the wedding....

Here's one I found of the final fitting!!