Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mission Accomplished!!

I am a very accomplishment -oriented person, and I love to start projects and see them thru to the finish!  This week, I got to be a part of finishing a project we have been working on for over a year.  We got to help move my parents back in Iowa into their new handicapped accessible home!   What a blessing!!
This is a photo of one of the last times my dad will have to unload my mom and push her up a big ramp into their old home...  wow......
This is part of the living room/diningroom area and looking into my mom's bedroom.

We loved their new kitchen and the space to get around.  The door on the far left of this picture is the door to the garage

Mom's new handicapped shower allows her to roll right in there! 

And her vanity is perfect height for her in the wheelchair

This is the guest bathroom

Dad's room is a beautiful blue
This is a view into the main big kitchen/livingroom/dining room from the door to the garage.  The purple room at the other end is mom's bedroom.

The basement has a gorgeous blue bedroom where we will stay when we visit.  These cement floors look dirty in the shot, but are gorgeous

This is the basement family room.

We are very thrilled for mom and dad and we had a ton of people helping get them moved and settled!!  We got it all finished up -- just in time - before the snow flies..
WE also had the pleasure of attending my cousin Jodi's wedding reception.. Jodi and her husband Scott got married the week before in Jamaica!  I enjoyed being able to help decorate for the reception and it was absolutely beautiful!  We are so happy for her.. I did not get fantastic photos due to low-lighting- but will share a few in a day or so.