Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Valentine Cousins!

From my last post, you know I was recently moving my parents, but in addition to that little job- we also got to celebrate the marriage of my youngest Valentine Cousin! Yes, I have the privilege of being a Valentine- and we got to see the cousins all together for this happy occasion!   Jodi was the flower girl in my wedding 30 years ago! We were so thrilled to celebrate with her and her new husband Scott at their wedding reception back in her home town.  They had gotten married in Paradise!!  Montego Bay Jamaica!!  So here they were-- all tan and happy when we had their fun party!  I was a very poor photographer this time-- due to the low lights and my flash acting up- so I am only sharing a few pics!

Madison and Morgan and Jensen
That's my dear hubby telling the bride and groom something-- Not sure what!! 

The bride with her big sissy!  

A beautiful bride- love the bling!! 

Jodi and her parents- my aunt and uncle!  They are the BEST!! 
Here we are-- all the Valentine Girl cousins!  Yes, I am a Valentine!!!  We all love that!  These girls are all awesome people and I love it that we were all together!!!