Friday, December 13, 2013

The Snow Report

Last week, we had a little snow= and I finally got around to sharing these pics!  Like all of you, the week is full of Christmas prep and I haven't had time to blog!  Here's the fun pix I took of Jensen building a snowman!  We are so lucky with our weather here - it does snow  but it usually  melts quickly.  There wasn't much on the ground to work with as you can see by the pictures and the grass coming thru.  Jensen used every single snow flake we had to make a very BIG snowman!  He turned out pretty cute!! 
This girl loves the snow!  (and the mud it makes when it melts)

Several leaves got in the big snow ball too! 
It's very big! 

Starting the 2nd level 

Got out a snowman kit from a couple years ago

The arms -- almost done! 
He's a cutie don't you think???

Happy weekend and hope you get all your Christmas prep done!!