Saturday, September 21, 2013

September means State FAIR time

The month of September is always very full of fun stuff to do here!  We love to go to the State Fair rodeo so this week we got tickets and went! We also took some time to go on a Date to the Fair, just my hubby and I, so I got to go twice!  Here are some highlight photos of the Fair!
The mounted Police have these big Belgian horses and they are gorgeous
loved this huge flag

Makes me Nervous!

Isn't that cute???? 

He was hollering!! 

What fun!!  I love the sights and sounds of the fair

That is pretty cool!  Somebody is a huge winner! 

A gentle Giant!!  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

a Lovely Sunday

Happy Sunday!  I was out of town the last few days- Had a wonderful time but NO blog posting!!!  A little Technology break!  I am back home and enjoying a lovely Sunday!  It's a beauty of a day and perfect for relaxing in my favorite season... Fall is definitely on it's way- and I am going to miss my GARDEN glories-- Took a few pics of the garden- thought I'd share!! Blessings ....