Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Photographers DREAM

A couple weekends ago, my son, my youngest daughter and I decided we needed a photo-adventure.  I had seen this location featured by some of the professional photographers in my town, but had never been there, so we decided to give it a look.  WOW kept pouring out of our mouths as we explored this place.  It's an old abandoned Rail yard.  So big and so full of amazing places to take pics.  There were several other people there who had the same idea that day, so we were in good company..
Just a few of the pics I loved from this place!!
college son who was teaching his mom what her camera can do!  He has such skills as a photographer so I love to learn from him! 

I mean - really -- that background???? Perfect for this one! 

I am not usually excited to be IN the pic.

Love it! 

character everywhere we looked

very moody! 

Who doesn't love a metallic silver wall??? 

it was so much fun!

kept it kinda dark - love the windows behind! 

OK-- this place is just crazy!!
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