Friday, June 13, 2014

Looking thru Photos!

Summer has already been a busy one!  I love it when the schedule changes and new adventures are happening!  Last week, my treat was to have a Best and DEAR friend visit!
This friendship goes WAY back about 19 years!  We actually met at a garage sale I had and we've been having adventures from then on!  She moved away about 13 years ago, but luckily I have a great relationship with Southwest airlines and we see each other often!  This time, she was in my town with her husband so we enjoyed lots of time to have fun!!  I got my son, Ross to take some pics of us!  Here's some of our great adventures!!
Picking out our Hats for TEA at St. James!  I loved hers!! That little blue hat is darling!

Fancy Tea with a Paddington Station in London theme

Luckily Debbie lets me practice Photography on HER!! 

My husband has hand-trained doves which he likes to show off to people!!! Not sure if Debbie liked that -- haha!

Caught this on the evening shoot with Ross

This was the sky! 

This guy was showing off when we had our dinner at Los Poblanos!  Beautiful!! 

Such a lovely and awesome place for dinner!  
I even put her to work with another friend to make some awesome florals!

Until next time, Debbie!  You are always such a JOY to me!!!!