Monday, July 28, 2014

Just the Beginning!

WE are back from a fantastic and fabulous visit to London and Paris!  I am sure those of you who know me know that I have Wayyyyyy lots of photos to share!  I haven't even had time to go thru them and take out a few bad ones, so today I am just Beginning to share A few pics from the TRIP!  I promise there will be more posts and I'll break it up into a few blog days, since  there will be TONS!!  Too much beauty and fun to share all in one day!
My traveling buddy as we landed in Paddington station to meet Ross in LONDON!  

Our Tour guide was excited to meet up with us and get going on our adventures.
We left right away for Paris since Ross had the weekend off from his schooling! 

Took a little walk once we got checked in to the Paris Hotel and saw some amazing architecture -- which is EVERYWHERE!!! 

Saw the Eiffel Tower from afar on the first night- will check back tomorrow! 

This kid has had such an amazing summer- and was so good to show us all the sights!  He made it easy for his Mom and Dad to enjoy his new city! 

This was the street where our hotel was.  I love every little detail!   
Walked past alot of these-- I think I could easily live here!!!

Check back soon to see more of our travels!!
Thanks for stopping by!