Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Texas Travels!

It's been a little while since I have gotten back from my little weekend in Texas, but I have had NO time to sort thru my photos and blog!  Today I finally want to show some of the fun we had!  I got to visit a dear friend who moved to Texas a few months ago to open a Bed and Breakfast and a Wedding Venue!
Milagro Farms is a Peach Orchard!  

When Life hands you Peaches, you make Peach butter!!! 

The Barn Wedding Venue

This is such scenic property

Here is another of the Family Wedding Venues called "Old Bison". The pews are near the water and the tree serves as a gorgeous backdrop.

Can You see the chandeliers in the trees??? 

This definitely says "Texas"!  

We found so many cool backgrounds for pictures.  This is in Foreston TEXAS

The sunflowers go on for Miles and they are HUGE!

This venue is just gorgeous! 

The Barn is fancy inside including chandeliers! 

Here's Laurie giving us the tour

The lovely and peaceful B&B- Milagro Farms

This little lovely place was someone's apartment!  Had to capture the gorgeous chippy paint!  What  a cute place

More cool Backgrounds

These are my phone photos made into a little collage!

Thanks very much Milagro Farms!  We can't wait to visit again!!