Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm Back with some more TRAVEL pics

After a little interruption about my scrapbook, I am back to share some more London Trip photos!  Believe me, I took sooooooo many photos and they are just too fun to HIDE!
After a fantastic weekend in Paris and seeing Disneyland Paris (see a few posts back), we were back in London for some more sightseeing.  Ross was an excellent tour guide, and here we begin the Walk thru lots of LONDON sights!
We have arrived back to Paddington Station from Paris!  Ready to see London!  This guy is the BEST travel partner!! 

Gorgeous buildings and flowers everywhere

Totally wanted to live here!

Big Ben looked all shiny! 

This photo has way too much funny in it!  From the Accordian player, to the Asian Mom and her daughter next to him, to the Lovely bright cheetah pants in the bottom left corner.  This was Fun! 


The Papparazzi

The English Bobby!  I love these hats!

Come back again to see more pics!  I will have lots more!!!