Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's a Process

A brand New Process began last night!  Some of you know I have a therapy Dog, a golden doodle named Brooklyn.  She is such a gem and such a relaxed and awesome friend!  We also have a Mini-goldendoodle and her name is Piper!  You probably have seen her adorable face here on the blog- but Piper is not at all relaxed!  We all know, just like our children are all different, so are the pets.  We love it that Piper is very smart, loves to learn, and that she keeps learning.  We have decided she needs more to learn.  So-- a few weeks ago I looked into a new hobby for Piper.  We think she will be a great Agility Dog. Jensen is very good at training her, so we think they will make a good team.   HOWever, before we can start Agility Classes, we need a pre-requisite class, NOVICE training.
Last night, we started this process!
It's kinda like the first day of school where you meet all your classmates.  There were so many breeds!!  

She looks like she is not paying attention already!!!  At least she is smiling

Then there was this part of the class.  

A few cute classmates

 We will keep you posted on whether she graduates!!  Thanks for stopping by!!