Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring has Sprung!!

 It's all about flowers these days!!  Spring has made me obsessed with the blossoms and the Pretty colors popping on the trees.   I hate the runny nose, but the Beauty of the new and fresh season makes up for the kleenex I go thru.  I bought these pretty tulips and roses at Trader Joe's and it smells heavenly with the freesia thrown in.  It takes me back to the days of working at a flower shop.. I had my very first job in high school working at a floral shop and I have loved fresh flowers ever since!
Had to throw in this cute picture of our Buck, Sterling.  He loves to be in the flower beds and this looks like he is trying to hide a bit-- although we can see all of him!!! LOL

So pretty- the pink trees are all popping! 

And the sky is a dark blue today-- gorgeous photo of contrast! 

Playing a little with the Macro

This one even has a busy little BEE!
Thank you for stopping by to visit- and come back again soon.  I hope to be a better blogger- but I am kind of worried about how beautiful it is outside- I may not be wanting to sit inside at the computer!!