Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Bunnies

Last weekend on Mother's day, we thought we'd take pictures of our new Mommy Stella and her little bunz!  They were 4 weeks old that day and they are getting so rambunctious!  We had such a laugh getting them to sit still and it did not work out very well.  We thought we'd corral them in a suitcase, and that worked a little while, but soon they all were trying to escape.  They are just full of energy now- eating and running around in the cage.  They are certainly not one bit afraid of being held.  Really the sweetest pets.
You can actually see all 6 babies here !  They do all kinda blend together

We can't see one of them =but I liked this pic of Stella! 

Just one more angle -- they are so funny!!  She had a great Mother's day= I think!!!