Sunday, May 31, 2015

Time to report on the Bunnies

The time this month went super fast again!!  Am I getting OLD or what??? OUR May was alot of fun due to these adorable baby bunnies!  You who read my blog saw our bunnies a few posts ago.  They have been growing and growing and we have spent every day playing with them!  These littles are so TAME!  WE go out to the cage and they all try to get out when we open the door.  They love it when we give them carrots and bananas and they LOVE to snuggle!  We are going to miss them so much!!  We have only another week, and they will go home to their new families!  I am so excited for everyone who is getting one because this little PET will be so wonderful for them!
LOVE their little whiskers! 

This is MINI Stella- as we call her-- she is the spittin' image of her mommy!  She is also the littlest and super cuddly!  Behind her is Colby-- aka black as Coal! 

This is the full cage-- at times, we think Stella might be desperate for a vacation!  

This guy is POM POM!  He is the Most friendly of the group -always comes and does this when we come to the cage.  He is super  social and tame!!!! 

Yes, that is POM POM and next to him is Snowball!  Randy and Jocelyn like Snowball best!! 

Snowball!  At her finest!!!  

This is just a bonus Rose shot I needed to show off- it is from my garden!  Lovely!! 

Here's Daddy bunny named Sterling!  I did not feature the other 2 here this time, but Clover and Mustache are just as precious too!  Maybe another post next week can showcase them! 

And this== just a random Poppy again from the Garden!!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting us!  I appreciate you reading all my craziness!!