Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Time to go, KIDS! 
This week, our little baby bunnies are 8 weeks old!  It's time for them to go home with their new families!!  We have had such a fun time with this first litter-- of course we are attached to them-- but we are so happy they will be going with families and making other people so happy!  The littles are so tame, and they are such easy easy pets!  I am happy for the new owners-- and of course, will miss these babies we have been holding and taking care of for the last 8 weeks.  It was a fun new adventure for us!  Here's a few last pics we recently took-- and I am not sure what I will take photos of now!!  lol!!
Some of us would not cooperate and show our face!! 

We let them experience the grass-- and it took 2 assistants to herd them! 

Those little faces get me every time! 

Here's a few new owners-- they are in LOVE!  The babies will give them great JOY!!

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