Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Beauty in Butterflies

Last week, on a whim, one afternoon, Jensen and I decided to take a quick field trip to the Bio Park where they have a Butterfly Pavilion.  It opens in May each year at the Bio Park and we love to practice photography there.  So, one late afternoon, with only about an hour and a half left to go, we took a little fast field trip over there. It was perfect!  WE had plenty of time to shoot lots of photos and also walk thru the gorgeous flowers there.  It was spontaneous and we are so happy we went!  Here's my favorite pics from the field trip!
They are a work of art! 

This guy was fresh out of his cocoon! 

They come in such gorgeous colors

all different, too
Every single one is so pretty

And of course, I make Jensen pose alot, too

up close and personal here 
The Bio Park also has a gorgeous pond and this guy was on a rock napping!  

So much to learn-- this one was parked right under this sign with the education on it. 

I love all the flowers they have too! 

Jensen got some really beautiful photos with her camera, too

Thanks for coming by to enjoy these beauties with me!  Please visit often!!! I am sure I will be taking another field trip very soon to capture more of these guys!