Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July is almost Gone!

Wow, folks, the month is almost over again!  I have been very neglectful of my blog this month!  We have been out of town for 2 weeks and when I am on vacation, I am not good at blogging, so I have lots to catch you up on!  Today I am sharing some vacation pics- and this will be the first of a few posts, because I took a Boatload of photos!  They are too fun not to share them!  This post is about the beginning of our vacation where we visited our family in Iowa for a few days.  Since we were heading to Florida, heading east anyway, we wanted to see our parents and extended family!  
Iowa is so green and has tons of flowers!!! 

These were beautiful flowers at my In-laws house!  

This is Randy and his mom and uncle Norm!  We had a lovely visit at Norm's house! 

And this is Randy with his mom and her sister, Aunt LaVonne!  It was so fun to see her, too!
This sunset was amazing-- and we took this at the church where Randy grew up! 
Another highlight was visiting our Nephew, Ben who is a Tanner-- he owns his own Tannery and it is so fun to tour and see all his work!

We enjoyed visiting Uncle Mel, too,  He's my Dad's brother! (dad on the left)

We took long walks around town and played at the old playground!   

Slept on an old quilt made lovingly by my Mom and Grandma.  I love all the bright colors! 

Can you see the steam rising off that amazing Sweet Corn??? 

Mom and Dad enjoy hanging out on their back porch! 
It's a wonderful and relaxing place! 

I made this little collage of our visit to my Aunt Alida and Uncle Harm's house!  We loved seeing my cousins Maurita and Jodi and their Husbands, Patrick and Scott.  Baby Grant has grown so fast. He's Jodi and Scott's baby boy and almost turning a year old!  We even got to see Maurita and Patrick's daughter Madison by iPad, but her sister, Morgan was gone on a mission trip.
It was a wonderful time in Iowa and next I'll be sharing about our next stop-- Orlando!  Thanks for traveling with me!!