Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Family TRIP

I am posting out of order here, because I wanted to share my State Fair photos, but instead I will do that later next week. Today I want to share the family weekend photos from last weekend's trip to see family in IOWA.  We had this on our calendar for quite a while and  we finally got everyone together to do it!!  Our big kids have jobs and school and are not able to visit their grandparents alot, so this time together was really special.  We are happy the kids took time off to go along!!  I've got lots of great pics and memories!
Aunt Deb knows how to drive that old Oliver!  She gave lessons to Jocelyn!

This is a very very old tractor!! 

This was the farm Randy grew up on.  

In the Barn, scouting some locations for our family photos

Of course, Ross had to take a turn at driving!

This is the sweetest Dog!  Wiggles is Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Terry's dog on the farm! 
 We had a wonderful time on the farm with Randy's family!
Aunt LaVonne was there, too!!!  Happy to get to see her!  

Saturday evening, we had a party with my Dad's side- the Valentines!  This is Grant Michael, my cousin Jodi's little guy!!  Jensen is the toddler-whisperer! 
Madison and Grant 

This was the gorgeous sunset that evening! 

Uncles, Aunts and Cousins!   We were so blessed to see these people! 

We are missing one of my Girl cousins, Lori, but here are the rest of us-- The Valentine Girls!!  We had so much fun on Sundays at Grandma and Grandpa Valentine's house when we were growing up! 

My mom and dad

It was a feast!!!  We all had lots and lots of dessert!! 

My dad has a Man-cave in the basement and the boys were watching the Iowa Hawkeyes that night!  

These are some of the next generation Valentines!  We loved seeing Morgan, Madison and Grant!

The trip was such a fun one, and we all loved re-connecting with our family in Iowa!
thanks for visiting my blog today!!!