Friday, November 20, 2015

Glorious day for the Mountains!

A couple Sundays ago, we made a little trek to the Sandias!  It was perfect weather and we enjoyed a beautiful hike!  We got Jocelyn to bring sweet little Poppy the Puppy along and we took our Piper, so the dogs had a great adventure as well!  The scenery was gorgeous, and it still had lots of changing to do, so I bet it is even prettier now!  Fall is my very very favorite!
Poppy the Puppy is getting BIG!! 

Loved this gorgeous day! 

Dad and his girlies! 

so fun to have Jocy and Poppy come along on the hike

She is such a little cutie!! 

The fall colors were amazing

This is a Daddy's girl! 

Jensen was getting a macro shot on her very old but wonderful camera!!  It is like a dinosaur-- but she loves it and can take amazing shots with that macro. 

Now, who can resist this darling little face????
Poppy the Puppy is 5 months old now!!
Thanks for visiting the blog today!!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!  I am traveling, so expect to see a Thanksgiving report from San Diego when I get home!!