Friday, November 13, 2015


Not sure how we got this far into November without me posting about all of October!!  It was such a fun and busy time, so I guess I have been a BAD Blogger!!  Today, I want to share my photos of the Matthew West/ Francesca Batistelli concert from a few weeks ago!!  Anyone who knows me knows I love Christian Music and Matthew West is my very Favorite!!!  I've been a huge fan for a long time so when we heard they were coming to town to do a concert, I was on top of getting the tickets.  We even got to do a Pre-show Meet up with him!  It was so personal and wonderful- and he sang lots of fun songs for us!!  Francesca has so many of my favorite songs, too, so this was a double bonus!!  The concert was amazing!!  Such a fantastic night of worship!!
Francesca has such fabulous songs!! 
This is during the Pre=show time with Matthew.  He was talking about writing his lyrics!  His songs are so meaningful and memorable! 

Concert time

More == one of my favorite songs! 

I loved the stage, and all the lights!!  The crowd was really into his worship that night!!  So much fun!!