Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Very Blessed Thanksgiving

Hello Friends!  Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and spent with people you love and some awesome memories!  We were extremely blessed this year to be able to travel to see our college Son in San Diego.  Our married daughter and her husband joined us there, too, so we were surrounded by our kids and had a marvelous vacation!  I'll share the highlights here in the next few posts.  I have tons of wonderful photos which is always my favorite way to remember all the good times!
landed at a perfect time to capture the sunset on the harbor

Dad must be saying something funny to Jen! 

I loved this view at our hotel! 

Met up for a wonderful dinner with Ross and a few friends who were still in San Diego for Thanksgiving! 

The next morning, we headed to our favorite place-- Disneyland!!  We can't miss Disney when we are so close!!  Yes, I am a Disney girl- and no matter how old I get, I'll be a fan! 
Who doesn't love a holiday parade to get you in the Holiday mood?? 

Beautiful princess float! 

We all had tons of fun! 

She is a princess!!  

Disney's California Adventures had less people, so we enjoyed some time there, too! 

Fun times!! 

It was great to see Ross- he is a college Senior and will be graduating this spring!!  Where did the time go??? 
I loved this shot from watching the fireworks! 

And World of Color Holiday Show! 

It was so beautiful!! 
We loved our trip to Disney and had such a great beginning to the Thanksgiving Holiday!  Very fun and festive!!