Saturday, December 26, 2015

We interrupt this vacation report......

Since it is the day after Christmas and I was a huge slacker in taking photos at our Christmas celebration on Christmas eve,  I decided to remember the SEASON by sharing some Christmas parade pics from the Happiest place on Earth!  Disney always makes every detail perfect when celebrating and certainly Christmas was over the top fun!
A huge Tree in the Center Square- all the ornaments were beautiful! 

Holiday Balloons for Sale

These soldiers are adorable

So festive and the parade heads for the huge tree

Eeyore's sled was overturned!! 

Dancing Reindeer! 

And of course, the Big Guy in the Red suit is always the Favorite!
It was a wonderful and festive time and to watch the little kids enjoying all these holiday festivities was awesome!  Hope your Christmas was very Merry and my wish is that you  celebrated the REAL reason for the Season-- Jesus!!