Sunday, July 5, 2015

Random Pics and Ramblings

How was your 4th of JULY?? I am still in denial that July is already here!!  I played around with some fireworks, and I also played with a Macro lens on my camera, so I thought I'd share some of my photos from yesterday.  
These firework photos would be a lot better if my hubby had been home to help with them, so look for those to show up in a couple days when we can do them again!   These are the fun ones I got! 
Thought this was crazy cool!  

my blurry star-- came out fun! 

All the sparkles in the dark!  We will do some sparkler writing this week when my assistant is not working! 
                                                NOW FOR THE BUGS!! 
These guys were sunning in my garden today- and I practiced with my macro lens! 

Aren't they cute??? 

They were thinking I could not see them! 

Here's my favorite!

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