Sunday, August 2, 2015

Vacation Report Continued!

After Iowa, we flew to Orlando to "The Happiest Place on Earth"!  Yes, we are that couple on the commercial who are still Disney fans after the kids had grown!  Jensen was away at her Camp in Texas, so off we went on vacation!  I love WDW and we enjoy doing something different every time we visit.  Here's a few fun shots from our visit.   We started at Hollywood Studios!

At lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine in Theatre!  Love that place!  It's a blast! 

We get the biggest kick out of these street performers at Hollywood Studios.  They are hilarious!  

Talk about doing something different!  These ladies were doing the Dating Game and I got pulled from the Audience to be the bachelorette!  I have Never had that happen in all the years I have gone to WDW, but it was hilarious!  Happy my Hubby had the camera and was shooting away for me to remember the fun!  

Hilarious Bachelors! 

That was fun!  I got a FAST Pass out of the deal and the bachelor I chose was the Cop!!!  It was alot of fun!! 

We moved on to the Magic Kingdom later in the day and wanted to see the afternoon Parade.  It had been a little rainy while we were riding the bus to the park and when we got there, they were deciding whether to do the parade or not.  I was very impressed that instead of canceling, they did a "Rainy Day Cavalcade", instead of bringing out all the floats.  I had never seen this Cavalcade before  and basically everyone had raincoats, etc and they brought the characters out in covered cars, etc.  Very cute!!  I love all the colorful raincoats and how nice that the crowd still got to see the characters!  Very cool! 

Had to add my Castle photo!  I always love it lit up at night! 
Here is another gorgeous different thing we saw!  I've never seen thing kind of berry tree but found it in the park.  It is beautiful! 
The Last picture is the Merry Go Round at Downtown Disney- one of my favorite!!
Thanks for coming by to go to Disney World with me!  I hope you will come back soon to visit Epcot!!