Thursday, August 13, 2015

She's 24!

Today is a very important and special day!!  24 years ago, I became a MOMMY for the first time!  Happy Birthday, Jocelyn Danielle!!  We were thrilled that day 24 years ago that we got to be parents.  We had wanted a baby for a long time- and what a blessing to receive our bundle in PINK!  Have a super special and blessed day!!  We are so proud of who you are and Pray many blessings over your life this coming year!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back to Florida (yes, please)

Sanibel lighthouse

We're going to continue celebrating Jocelyn this week, as she has a birthday coming, too, but for today, let's head back to Florida, where our vacation picks up with a trip to Ft. Myers!  We spent a few days in Orlando and then headed to a fantastic place we love in Bonita Springs.  It's on the gulf side, where beaches are totally made of shells.  We have been to this place a few times now and enjoy it more each visit.

We got to go to this amazing private beach owned by the Hyatt!  
so amazingly gorgeous and a restful and relaxing place

Doesn't this look heavenly? 

We love that the beaches are full of shells -- Everywhere

Some of the favorites

The Entrance to the property we love to stay at here -- Hyatt Coconut Plantation
Lovely pools on Property
this guy flying above the umbrella! 

A cute little visitor at the pool.  Funny Story-- one afternoon, I was doing a workout in the water at the adult lap pool.  All of a sudden I looked up and here was a Pair of Raccoons getting a drink out of the pool.. I actually got a cute pic of them on my phone, but with my DSLR, this was one I got.  I jumped out as fast as possible and of course, they both ran back behind the chairs, but in a few minutes, they were back for another drink.   One lady told me they had stolen her lunch!  

Right after the drink, they stole a lemon from my iced tea cup and scampered up this tree!

Barefoot Beach 

Some lovely shots of our Barefoot Beach sunsets.  We celebrated our 32nd anniversary on the trip and this was the fabulous sunsets that night!!
Celebrating 32!  This was before the lovely sunset got super colorful!  
Thanks for traveling with us!   come back soon!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

We Interrupt this Vacation Report......

For some Anniversary News!  Happy Anniversary to these 2 lovebirds!  Jocelyn and Christian are celebrating 2 years today!  We are very proud of them!  We are so Happy God put them together and they are a light in their jobs and friendships!  They love God and it certainly shows!  Praising God for their marriage!  Happy 2 years!!  Photo credit: LatishaLyn Photography