Sunday, August 16, 2015

A very Sunshine Day

Today, we went out to Los Poblanos (the venue where Jocelyn and Christian got married 2 years ago)!  Each August, they have a Pick Your Own Sunflowers event!  We went last year, so this year I was really excited to get to go again.  You get to go into a big field of sunflowers and pick a big bunch for $5.  Jocelyn joined Jensen and I this year and we had a wonderful time!  Here's their White peacock- whom we have seen many many times, but this time, she had short feathers.  The lady at Los Poblanos told us this is the time of year they shed their long feathers and probably work at growing new ones.  This White peacock fanned her short feathers at us! 

Mr. Turkey is growing nicely out there also! 

It was a super HOT and super sunny day, so we collected them as fast as possible!  

Mr. Grasshopper posed nicely for me! 
We are excited to give these lovely flowers away for Random Acts of Kindness!  They should bring smiles to people's faces, right?? 

Sunflowers are Sunshine on a Stem! 

I love sunflowers and These two lovelies!