Saturday, October 31, 2015

Our Annual Halloween Photos

 Once the kids grow up, You resort to getting costume photos of the dogs!!  We always enjoy getting costumes on clearance and saving them for the next year.  These girls are also getting older and this year, they were so well behaved!!  All it took was a bag of treats and they were super cooperative!!
Brooklyn is a butterfly this year, Piper is a Hot Dog and Pansy is the cutest little Loofa sponge you ever did see! 

These two listen well to the command of STAY!  Sadly, 14 year old Pansy is not so obliging.
I'm telling you, this dog will let us do anything to her!!  She is an angel!!  

Kind of reminds me of Harry Potter! 

She makes us laugh all the time!!!  This girl has always been comic relief here and she is such a character.  Shih-Tzus are such darling dogs!!  Pansy is our little old grandma!!  Still going strong at 14!

Hope your Halloween was a fun and safe one!!  No one here got any candy, but they loved the dog treats- so I guess it felt like they did trick or treat!!