Saturday, December 12, 2015

More Fun in the Sun

Can't believe I am still sharing all my photos of our Thanksgiving in San Diego, but there were so many and I hate to leave anything out.  Today I am sharing the pics from the Actual Thanksgiving day!  It was a very nice day and we had our take-out turkey dinner (thanks Boston Market-- it was awesome) at Ross' apartment on the campus.  His room-mates all had other gatherings, so we had it to ourselves.
A little practice on Ross' hoverboard in his apartment!  They have a beautiful apartment that was brand newly remodeled this year before they started their senior year. 

After our Turkey lunch, we explored the campus. I am in love with this new Science building== that wall is gorgeous! 

Peeking thru that cool wall! 

This is a view from one of the dorms.  I may not be able to study if I went to college here!! 

Later, we found a fun bridge in San Diego and had fun with photos! 
These two!!! 
Next stop was a beach in LaJolla.  It was cloudy and rainy by this time but we set up a timer photo anyway!  
And-- when you find a cool chippy wall, you ask him to pose! 

During the rainy mist, we had to get as close as possible to the seals on the beach!! They are the funniest! 

Here's a few more!  It was actually really dark so the pics are pretty grainy= but very fun to see them anyway!

Thanks for coming by to my Thanksgiving report (continued)!!  Hope yours was happy!! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

More Thanksgiving Report

After our Disney Day, we were joined by our married daughter and her hubby.  It was great to have the whole family together and take the tour of all the fun places in San Diego that Ross wanted to show us.  We decided to visit Coronado Island and spent a good part of the morning on the Beach.  We were kinda Chilly, but there were plenty of people out there in bathing suits and in the water== not sure I could have done that.  It was sunny and kind of windy- but we explored and had a wonderful time!!
Ross was willing to pose for me so I could practice! 
Squinty eyes in the bright sun- but I loved this pic anyway!  You can see the people in the water and out on the beach in bathing suits--- brrrrrrrrr
Not the prettiest lighting= but a fun photo anyway! 
Jen found a LIVE sandollar at the beach
We love to watch these Thieves at the beach!  He was headed for a grocery bag full of lunch! 
Just could not carry that whole bag! 
Divine reflections
Jen and Christian were brave enough to go walk in the cold water
Such beautiful Nature at the BEACH!!