Thursday, December 15, 2016

Celebrating Jesus Birthday

We had the privilege of attending the "Klove Christmas Tour" last night and it was quite a wonderful night of worship!  The bands were: Unspoken, Mac Powell of Third Day and David Crowder!  We love hearing them on the radio every day, and it was a huge treat to celebrate last night with Christmas music and the fun holiday spirit!  I did not work hard at getting excellent pics, but these are a few I really liked.


David Crowder is such a great musician along with his talented band

Here's Mac Powell from Third Day

Always love the music of Unspoken

We really got in the Holiday mood with this Christmas celebration and worship! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Crafting with Cricut!

This year I got a wonderful Idea for an Advent calendar!  I am sharing this project that I made and sent out to several tea-drinking friends.  I used the Cricut to cut out all my numbers and I embellished the little daily boxes with lots of leftover stash!   Here's the process and the end results!  I included a little note or scripture in each little box so that Hopefully this holiday season will be little calmer and restful for these gift recipients.  Don't we all need a little hot cup of tea and some good news at the end of every December day??
I made several different colors of numbers to mix up in the box for advent.

Here's a full box-- each one has a different tea inside with a scripture or positive thought! 
I love how they turned out after we added some embellishments! 

This was so easy and fun to put together.  I found the perfect Box to house these little boxes in at Home Goods and the little boxes are 2X2 inches that I ordered on the internet. 

My hope is that the recipients were able to take time to drink a cup of tea and enjoy the REASON for the SEASON!! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


November has passed us by = and Yes, December is Here!  As usual, I am thankful to be writing this post-- as late as ever, but at least I am blogging.  Where does the time go??? I am in denial that it is the holidays-- becasue I am still back in early November somewhere.  Today I decided I needed to share about our November craft show.
This all started with Jensen learning to make Polymer Clay jewelry.  Thank you to Marion Smith for an amazing online class that taught her to make the cutest things with clay.  We got really into this and ended up with tons of adorable charms.  This opportunity lead us to trying a craft show!  I had done many in the past, but it was time to try it again.  Randy and I decided to add some wooden things we made and we had the BEST time!
The show was a great success and we enjoyed talking to tons of people.  Jensen was very happy that people loved her jewelry and she is a little entrepreneur!  Here's a few Phone pics I took of the booth. We had the usual School lighting, so sorry the pics are not the most beautiful, but you'll get the idea!!

 Here's our booth all set up and I certainly can't forget to Thank my sweet Husband for all his help and creativity.  I can dream these things up but I am thankful he can do the wood part!
A little entreprenuer! 

And they do make me Happy! 

Don't they make you Hungry??  

The day was a huge success and we had lots of fun!  Great learning experience for Jensen!  

Thanks for checking in-- and I hope to see you again soon!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Such A TREAT!!

Last week, we traveled to Iowa to visit our family and friends!  We had a lovely visit and I will share some of the pics I took soon, but today I am sharing some fun pics I took as we visited a family that is so dear to us!  We spent some time with our friends the Bayers, who I met years ago when I was a brand new hairdresser!  One of my very first clients came to the salon I was working at because they had received a Postcard Mailer advertising a haircut with ME-- the new girl in the salon!  I have been ever grateful that FRED, YES, Fred came to get a haircut and then brought his wife and daughters to me and we became fast friends!  God put them in my life back then, and I am so thrilled to say we have stayed friends and been blessed by them all these years.   Their little girls were Little back when I started cutting their hair and now they are grown women with kids of their own.  While in Iowa, we got to visit with the Bayers and their oldest daughter and her family!  We loved every minute and here's some fun the girls had in the gorgeous fall weather!

Perfect weather in November!  Jensen had a wonderful time with Hannah and Madelyn

 It was so beautiful in their back yard!!   We enjoyed the visit so much!
Checking out Jen's jewelry! (there's my dear friend, Myrna, their grandma!) 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Donuts, Anyone???

I know we are in November, and we have been out of town, but I still wanted to share these fun pics of Jensen in her Halloween costume!! She helped out at a Fall Festival with her youth group and we found this adorable costume which I loved #1 because who doesn't love donuts??? and #2 it wasn't creepy or scary or anything!!
So fun! 

lets' see..... too many to choose from!!  
Hope your Halloween was a Sweet one!!  

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10 More Days??

 I know I say this all the time, but where does the time go???  10 days has past since I posted here again and it really feels like it's been only 3.  I am going going going a lot and need to slow down and get more pics posted here.  I am taking a lot of pretty pics this fall, because the weather has been amazing!
Pretty leaves!!  

We took Hyper Piper along to the mountains and here is a very rare moment where she was sitting still!!  lol 

The great big Dandies are all over and you know we have to Blow them when we find them!!! 

I liked this little moment too between these 2!!

thanks for the visit and don't give up on me= I still love my blog and will try to get more posted here!!  

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Sky is Full of Color!!

My Balloon report continues today with another trip to a Morning Mass ascension!  This day was so absolutely perfect because it was not too cold and no wind on the field!  We love that!!! 

You just never know what you are going to see!!  

That Penguin from Great Britain was so cute!!! 

All this color in one spot Makes my heart sing! 

And we do take it for granted that we can walk right up close and see them! 

These are the zebras (or refs, as we call them) who give the pilots instructions and tell them when they can fly! 

Oh, that FROG!!!! 

The Mounted Police were there with their gorgeous draft horses! 

It just got prettier and prettier! 
I'll be posting again soon with one more balloon report with our company from out of town!  Thanks for visiting!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's that time of year!!!

October in Albuquerque is well known to be one of the most wonderful times of the year!  It's not only the perfect climate and weather, but it is always time for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!  I love every single minute of this fiesta and try to go to the field to practice my photography as often as possible!  This first post will be about the first weekend Balloon Glow!  It was a very pretty night and we saw glorious colors come alive! 

I loved seeing all the people standing around watching this one inflate! 

Just as the sun was going down! 

I love the glow that the fire creates 

This one was so gorgeous! 

Several were burning at the same time! 

The Balloon Glow ends with fireworks and I caught my husband recording some of them on his phone!!  
I hope you will visit again soon and see my next report on all the gorgeous balloons!

Friday, September 30, 2016

My Blog Missed ME!

MY poor Blog!!!  I have neglected it so badly this month!  I think MY blog really missed me!!!  I am not sure where time goes, but my ability to keep all the balls in the air lately have been BAD!!! So -- those of you who visit -- please forgive my tardiness!  I know you all had a wonderful September and So did I!!  Today I am sharing a few pics I took over the weekend of a friend's grandkids.  These two are just adorable and whenever I can steal some time to take their pics, I love it!  They are growing up so fast!!
He is Always smiling!  

Follow the Leader

Noah loved my dryer!! 

Now that is determination on her face! 

Little Miss Sunshine Isabella

I loved this one! 

Auntie CoCo is the BEST! 

Jensen had fun playing with the kids, too! 

Sweet face! 

"Auntie CoCo, I want to swing" 

She really loved Sterling! 


And Stella got some attention, too! 

Go Auntie CoCo!

I pinky promised my blog NOT to be such a stranger!!!  Hope you won't either!!  Thanks for visiting!!