Friday, January 15, 2016

Today's adventure!

 Today I am sharing an adventure we went on a couple weeks ago!  I had not posted these, but the day after New Years, Jen and I took a little trip to Tingley Beach,  an area by the Rio Grande.  We got there around Sunset, and it was a gorgeous winter day.  We were first greeted by all the geese who hang out there in the Ponds.  They are a friendly bunch and they are always HUNGRY!  (sorry, guys, we forgot our bread)
They are great big--- and not afraid of humans AT all!!! 

Up Close and personal!! 

Let me tell you, they were much more popular since they remembered the Popcorn! 

We brought Piper along for a walk and we got to watch a gorgeous sunset beginning to set along the river!

Pretty winter skies

Love that orange glow!!! 

Pretty silhouettes

It was a lovely Winter evening!

The walking path was very nice!  We will have to come back and visit again soon!! 

I hope you will visit my blog again VERY soon!!  Until Next time.....