Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cruise report #2

I can't not believe 10 days has passed since my last post.  Time flies for me and I am sure you know what I mean.  The weeks go really fast, so I get way behind on my posting!
Today I have some more pics from our KLOVE cruise and it's all about Jamaica!  We had a wonderful time in Jamaica!!

This first photo is from our day at sea!  Later in the day, that day, a storm came up and it got really windy!  This was a funny shot of how hard it was blowing! 
We went to visit Dolphin Cove and Randy was in the pool with the stingrays
You can see the Dolphin playing in the water with an orange ball.   After this, I had to put my camera away to get in the water and let their photographers take the pics! 

They even had a camel- I got a huge chuckle about his Teeth! 
Beautiful Lagoon
I gave him a big old smooch! 
Photo credit: Dolphin Cove
I was sitting in the very front of our bus and shot these pics as we traveled long.  Love this roadside stand

 After a fantastic day in Jamaica, we headed back to the Divina and our KLOVE concert with UNSPOKEN AND CHRIS TOMLIN!!!
"Call it GRACE" 
Chris Tomlin is such a fantastic worship leader!! 

 Well, that was another wonderful day on the cruise!! I will be back with more!  Thanks for your visit!!