Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Reporter has been MIA

My poor blog!  I love posting here, but have had absolutely no time to update, so hang in there with me while I still share my fabulous KLOVE cruise photos.  I have been re-doing some rooms, purging, and painting and then I went out of town, so I've been MIA!
Grand Cayman Turtle Farm houses these guys!  They have all sizes and ages-- they are so fascinating! 

A little pile of babies! 

What a couple of cute guys! 

Their shells are gorgeous! 

And of course they POP up for air once in a while

They also have a lovely bird aviary full of pretty birds

I got to hold a little one too!
Our day at the Turtle farm was so amazing!  I want to go back again soon!! 

We did have to get back on the ship, though, because the nighttime concerts were amazing too!  Tonight's concert was Citizen Way-- who have a song playing alot on KLOVE these days!  and  
 Danny Gokey!!!   His concert was fantastic!   We enjoyed every minute of this day on our cruise!!!