Friday, April 15, 2016

Come with me to the CAVE

I'm still sharing our little Spring Break Roadtrip in New Mexico!  These deer were grazing as we drove up into the Mountains of Ruidoso.  We left there and headed to our next destination: Carlsbad!

 The elevator at the Caverns is broken, so we were up for a long long hike down into the cave.
Here's the top as we headed down.  It is a very steep hill!!  I liked the DOWN part much more than the climb back out! At least we had our exercise! 

You might be able to see people in the lower left of this photo and you can also see them at the top part in the light!  Like I said, it's steep! 
 These next photos are from inside the cave and all the formations are very fascinating!

 It's such a unique sight and I am so happy that we finally went for a visit.  We have lived here in New Mexico for 29 years--- so it was time.  The New Mexico Roadtrip was lots of fun and we enjoyed this beauty all around us!