Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Break WAS AWESOME

This year, we decided to do a New Mexico road trip for Spring break!  We are famous for traveling by airplane, so we don't know alot of the wonderful state we live in.  So we thought we should go take advantage of some of the amazing places we have right here in our state.  First stop:  White Sands!!

White Sands is such a strange and unique phenomenon.  It looks like it would be Hot Sand, but it is actually gypsum and it is cool to the touch.  The day we went was Perfect!  Not too hot (I've been there in August) and not too cold.  It was fantastic!
We took the saucer along for sledding! 


There's hills and hills of what looks just like snow!  

Cutest little picnic areas, too! 

And of course, some desert plants add interest! 

The winds create these layers in the gypsum! 

Surface it to say- we LOVED our day there.  We enjoyed walking around over hills and sledding and seeing what lots of other people were doing too!  I'd highly recommend a visit here if you are ever in the Southwest!