Thursday, May 12, 2016

Let's face it!!!!!

Let's face it folks, I have once again been Missing in Action here on the blog!  I have a good excuse, though, because we have been traveling!  I wanted to share my photos from our Iowa trip in April before I get to telling you about our latest trip to see Ross graduate from college!  That will come....... BUT today I am sharing some of my favorite shots from visiting our family in Iowa!  We had lots of fun and saw lots of relatives, but can't share all of them here, so Here's a few of my favorites!
We got to visit with my Aunt Alida and Uncle Harm at their house and they were babysitting their adorable little grandson!  During the visit, a tractor went by and Grant was totally excited to wave and blow kisses and it was an awesome moment!  Very happy I got to capture it! 

We enjoyed these people so much and Aunt Alida is a great cook- so that is also a bonus! 

Grant is a blast to play with! 

Now we move on to Randy's side of the family where we got to visit with his Aunt LaVonne!  This is a pic of her and her granddaughter Kaylie!  Really fun to catch up with them and have lunch! 
Randy's Parents, with Jensen, Randy and LaVonne

Randy's Mom and her sister LaVonne

Here is a pic of Jensen with MY parents, Bob and Eileen

We found an amazing park full of gorgeous trees in bloom and got to have a 10 minute photoshoot before our flight back home!  It was magical!!

Thanks for hanging in there with my blog and please keep coming back!  I really do love to keep up with my friends and family thru this blog, and I promise to be back soon to tell you more of my adventures!