Wednesday, May 25, 2016


We have some fun news at our house!  We are introducing our new baby bunnies!  Stella and Sterling are parents again and we are thrilled!  You might remember that last year we had their first litter of 6 babies.  This time, she had 6 again and today they are a week old! I've been taking pics each day since they were 3 days and we have been holding them.  We will get to spoil and enjoy them for the next 8 weeks and then we will be finding homes for them!
There are 3 sets of twins and this color scheme is my favorite -- White tummies and black backs.  There are 2 that look like this! 

Here's a whole Pile of them.  Whenever we hold them, they try to burrow down to the bottom of the pile!  So sweet and tiny

We have 2 that are all black, so telling them apart will be interesting!!  
 I am sure I'll be sharing alot (and I mean ALOT) of pics in the coming weeks of the babies as they start to grow and HOP around!  Thanks for coming to visit!!