Friday, June 10, 2016

Father's Day EARLY

Hello my friends!  This year, I will be out of town for Father's day, so I had to plan ahead to spoil the Awesome DAD at our house!  I came up with a fun and wonderful idea which happened last weekend!  We have an amazing resort near our house called the Hyatt Regency Tamaya and that is a destination that is always sure to please!
The Stables at the Tamaya are so much fun, so I surprised Randy with a Trail ride! 

Turned out to be perfect weather- slightly cloudy with not too much wind and not too hot! 

The ride took us near the River and what a gorgeous view of the Sandias in the background! 

We had a great group of people to ride with! 

We also loved the Trail Guides, the sweetest young ladies who answered all of our questions! 

Really really pretty! 

This was my horse Santana-- a joy for an ammeter like me to ride

Randy got to ride Dunn

The stables have lots of horses -- so pretty

Here is a pair of the Belgian horses that pull the horse and carriage at the resort. We found all the horses to be really friendly! 
 After the trail ride, we had an awesome dinner on the Patio and some lovely live music!  Perfect evening!

The next day, we spent the day relaxing at the pool.  On the way to the pool, there was LIVE entertainment in the courtyard.  The Tamaya is located on the Santa Ana pueblo, so the Indian dancer and his talented musician wife entertained us with some ceremonial dances.
I loved all the details on this costume! 

Really gorgeous 

Classic Indian dancing at it's finest! 

I loved that round circle of feathers on his back
We had a marvelous time at our little get-away for Father's day!  If you ever come to visit the southwest, I'd highly recommend the Tamaya for a wonderful time!
Thanks for traveling with me!!