Friday, July 8, 2016

A YEAR in the Making Workshop Day 1

Well, Now it is time to reveal where we headed on our Bus ride (see the previous Post).  After our dinner at Karen's house, we rode the Bus with our driver, Josh and no one knew where we were going.  It was a couple hours ride, and we crossed the State line into California!!!  We arrived around 9:45 into an amazing place called McCloud, California!
As we entered the building housing the "McCloud Mercantile" we climbed the stairs and found a classroom ready for bedtime TEA and these lovely clotheslines full of OUR own photos we had sent to Karen during the year.   (not the best quality, because it was dark and it's a phone shot).  We had the most beautiful antique tea cups to drink from!! 

The rooms were fabulous at this place-- here's a look at our bathroom!!
Time to sleep to begin a fantastic day of adventures in the morning!
Class with Karen after Breakfast! 

I found my photo of Ross hanging on the clothesline

Here's a shot from the front porch of the mercantile-- the clothing store was adorable!

coolest place to stay

More of the porch - complete with a candy shop and clothing stores

That day we had a fun photoshoot in the rooms at the INN!  The Lovely Rachael was our model with Tara and Jules doing the shooting! 
Karen Russell (our fearless leader) and Tara (our Australian sister) 

Anyone for some Candy?  

The surroundings were gorgeous!  

My pals Tanya (front) and Sunny(back) in the classroom 

AND..... Then this happened!  Karen surprised us with these bike surreys and we drove thru town to the Ball diamond! 
What a fun group of ladies!  Karen, Angie, Barb and Gina -- all so sweet!!! 
Here's what we arrived to!  And the red team in the other dugout!!! 

Camille and Michele and I were cheerleaders!  Karen and Celia are Having a chat in the background! 

Super proud of our red team!!! 

Of course, there were peanuts and popcorn!!!  We had a blast at the softball game and then peddled back to the Mercantile.  It was a great way to see the town also! 
For dinner that evening-- it was a rainy one, but we ended up at an abandoned mill where strings of lights greeted us and fancy tables were set.  It was a gorgeous setting for dinner! 
Our dinner was lit by these adorable jars with fairy lights in them.    Delicious food and a wonderful slideshow ended the perfect day!!!